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How CUVPOSA is different How CUVPOSA is different

CUVPOSA is a prescription medication to help reduce Chronic Severe Drooling in children aged 3 to 16 years with neurologic conditions that cause too much (abnormal) drooling.1

Liquid formulation: designed with purpose

Convenient cup icon

Convenient for you and your child

Helps ensure that your child receives the intended dose.*

* Use an accurate dose-measuring cup to get the right dose of CUVPOSA.1

Liquid formulation icon

No mixing or pill crushing

No more forcing your child to finish their food so they receive the proper dose.

† Give CUVPOSA at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals.1

Significant results that may make a difference

75% of patients who were given CUVPOSA® in a clinical study saw a reduction in drooling by week 8.

‡ CUVPOSA was tested in a study. At the end of this study—8 weeks after starting treatment—75% of patients who were given CUVPOSA had less drooling than before the start of treatment. Only 11% of patients who were given the placebo (similar looking and tasting liquid to CUVPOSA but with no medicine in it) were drooling less after 8 weeks than they did at the start of the study. As early as 4 weeks into the study, some patients given CUVPOSA already saw they were drooling less. In the clinical trial, half the patients, chosen randomly, were given CUVPOSA; the other half were given the placebo. Neither the patients nor the doctors knew who got which until the study was completed.

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